The Staircase: Where is Michael Peterson’s Neighbor Larry Pollard Today?

Where is Michael Peterson's Neighbor Larry Pollard Today

Where is Michael Peterson’s Neighbor Larry Pollard Now? – Michael Peterson’s neighbor Larry Pollard suggests a new idea involving Kathleen’s killing of Sophie Brunet in the 6th episode of HBO Max’s crime series, ‘The Staircase,’ in order to explain Michael’s apparent innocence. Kathleen was assaulted by a barred owl, according to Larry, who inflicted the lacerations on the deceased’s skull before falling down the stairs.

Larry and Sophie set out to confirm their theory by looking through police photos of evidence, and they discover feathers in the process. As Larry’s discovery astounds the audience, one must consider the character’s real-life links. On that note, here’s all you need to know about it!

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Who is Michael Peterson’s Neighbor Larry Pollard
Larry Pollard, Michael’s Neighbor

Was Larry Pollard, Michael’s Neighbor in Real Life?

Yes, Larry Pollard was, in fact, Michael Peterson’s next-door neighbour. Larry and his wife Brenda lived next door to Michael and Kathleen’s 1810 Cedar Street mansion in Durham, North Carolina, at the time of the latter’s death. Larry, a lawyer, began working on the matter pro bono after Kathleen’s death, submitting many unsuccessful motions.

His importance in the case, however, stems mostly from a notion he proposed to explain Kathleen’s death, known as “the owl theory.” According to Larry’s theory, Kathleen was attacked by a barred owl outside her house, and the sharp talons of the owl caused the lacerations on her skull. According to Larry, Kathleen allegedly fled upstairs and tumbled down the stairs, allegedly killing herself.

The North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation then published a report claiming Kathleen had a minuscule feather in her hair, proving Larry’s theory. Michael’s lawyer, David Rudolf, was unable to use the hypothesis, and it has never been challenged in court.

Despite this, experts are said to have backed Larry’s notion when it was first stated. Despite the fact that Larry’s theory could not legally prove Michael’s purported innocence, it remains an important component of the debate surrounding the case. Although the eponymous character in ‘The Staircase‘ was most likely based on real-life Larry, the character’s backstory includes invention. Larry claims that he and Michael were just neighbours and didn’t have a friendship.

When the police come to their residence to investigate, the Peterson family stays with Larry on the show, which does not happen in real life. Larry said in a May 2022 interview that Michael only visited to his house three times, confirming their official neighbourly connection.

Despite this, Michael had acknowledged Larry’s efforts to establish his alleged innocence. “That man [Larry] has suffered more than anyone else, except for myself, during and after my trial. He was mocked and labelled a madman. ” And then it [the owl hypothesis] came out, and I thought to myself, ‘Oh, wait a minute, there might be more to this,'” Michael said.

Was Larry Really Michael’s Neighbor
Larry Pollard appears to be still working as an attorney in Durham, North Carolina.

What Happened to Larry Pollard and Where is He Now?

Larry Pollard appears to be still working as an attorney in Durham, North Carolina. He and his wife Brenda are still living in the same house they were in when Kathleen died, near to the mansion where the Petersons used to dwell in Durham’s Forest Hills neighbourhood.

Because the owl idea is such an important component of the show, Antonio Campos, the creator of ‘The Staircase,’ spoke with Larry about it. He did, however, confess that he wasn’t involved in much of the series’ filming. Larry continues to speak to the media about the infamous owl idea years after Kathleen’s death.

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