The Longest Night: Who Is Helping Simón Lago on the Phone?

Who Is Helping Simón Lago in The Longest Night

Who Is Helping Simón Lago on the Phone n “The Longest Night”? – The fictional Baruca Hill Psychiatric Correctional Facility, which doubles as a prison and a mental hospital, is the setting of the Netflix series “The Longest Night.” Hugo Roca (Alberto Ammann), the prison director of Baruca Hill, and the rest of the staff get the shock of their lives on Christmas Eve when they learn that serial killer Simón Lago (Luis Callejo), also known as The Alligator, has been sent to their facility.

Baruca Hill is woefully unprepared to house Simón because it is not a maximum-security facility. Hugo soon comes to the conclusion that Simón is receiving outside assistance. Here is all the information you require. 

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Who Is Helping Simón Lago on the Phone

Who Is Helping Simón Lago on the Phone?

Lennon, the leader of the assailants, confronts Hugo as the first season of “The Longest Night” comes to a close, accusing him of being accountable for the deaths. Lennon responds to Hugo’s mention of his kidnapped daughter by asserting that they could have saved her if only Hugo had believed in them. He had no way of learning about their objectives, though, as Hugo explains to him.

After all, Hugo had just witnessed Lennon kill three prisoners after first refusing to turn over Simón. The cops show up, and the two settle their differences. At this point, they conclude that Simón is receiving outside assistance.

It’s probably the same person who is aiding Simón and whose muffled voice we can hear on the phone. We can make assumptions about the subject by going over what we know, even though it is not yet known with certainty who they are. Simón is said to have started killing in 2015, and in 2021, someone got in touch with him. Simón obtained a box with a phone inside, just like Rosa in the future.

Lennon claims that no one should be aware that Simón has been brought to Baruca Hill right now. The fact that this person does suggests that, like Lennon and his group, they are also members of the police. They might also be a senior member of the government.

Even if we don’t have much information regarding their identity, we can deduce that they are almost as clever and cunning as Simón. After the serial killer is apprehended, they devise an exceedingly intricate scheme to make sure Lennon and his gang don’t get their hands on Simón.

The assailants appear to clean up after the wealthy and powerful, according to the show. This suggests that they accuse innocent persons of participating in the crime that their clients have committed. Rey, one of the prisoners, came across them outside. They were the grounds on which he was charged with killing a lady and imprisoned.

Who Is Helping Simón Lago -Who is Man on the Phone

Hugo and his employees are sandwiched between two hostile factions in the television drama. The man with the long hair, played by Spanish actor Alejandro Tous, and his colleagues are on the other corner from Simón and his assistant. It’s obvious that the man with the long hair works for the police. He keeps in touch with Lennon all through the night and gives him instructions. Simón might have been one of their customers. They are worried that he will inform the authorities about their operation now that he has been apprehended.

It’s possible that the man with the long hair selected Baruca Hill as Simón’s destination rather than Simón’s assistant. Rosa and Andrés’s living room shot reveals that the couple, Hugo, and the man with the long hair are all acquainted. This is likely the reason Lennon and his group don’t appear eager to hurt Hugo and his crew. Simón’s assistant, who always seems to be one step ahead, is probably aware of this link and takes advantage of it.

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