Who is your favorite celebrity chef?

Reality TV has given cooking shows a boost and chefs who would ordinarily have been safely tucked away inside their kitchens are now out in the world reaching celebrity status. As for the viewers, everybody’s an amateur chef nowadays.

Whether you watch the cooking channel for the entertainment or the tips, you probably have your favorite TV shows. But which one of these celebrity chefs is your favorite?

Gordon Ramsey

Known for his constant cussing and direct approach, you either love or hate Gordon. But then again, when you consider some of the attitudes coming out of those nightmare kitchens, it would be hard for anyone to keep their cool.

Nigella Lawson

Who doesn’t love Nigella? With her decadent cooking and love of wine, any woman would be happy to have her as their bestie. Imagine the parties!

Jamie Oliver

The youngest and probably the goodie-two shoes of the three, Jamie’s drive to get healthy eating into schools is commendable. If you’re looking for healthy eating options to complement a weight management programme then visit http://wisejug.com/, they have multiple diet plans to choose from.

So which of these three is your favorite celebrity chef? Ramsey? If not for anything other than the funny “your food is so…” Facebook memes.